Linux Mint : 26 Reasons Why I Use It And You Should Too

In this article I will be explaining for you reasons why I use Linux Mint and you should too. Everything are crucial to know it about this fantastic Linux distro.

Linux Mint Operating System, Introduction

Linux Mint first appeared in 2006 and based on Ubuntu. The Project created by Clement Lefebvre and actively maintained by the Linux Mint Team and community. This distro composed of many software packages, of which the majority distributed under a Free Software License (Open Source).

Linux Mint 20.04 Cinnamon
Reasons why you should too use Linux Mint

  1. Free Operating System : Free for everyone to use and share.

  2. It’s Open Source and Community-Driven: Therefore more transparent. Everybody has the ability and the right to inspect the code, so you know exactly what’s running on your system.

  3. Newbie Friendly.

  4. Suitable for Everyone (Beginners, Professionals).

  5. Suitable for Systems Administrators, IT Developers and Programmers. This because is more oriented for programming purpose : file system, packaging, dependencies manager, shell oriented, native docker engine, etc ...

  6. Two Releases Branch: First, Ubuntu-Based Linux distribution and the second Debian-Based (Known as LMDE).

  7. Available with a number of desktop environments to choose from, this include the default Cinnamon, Xfce and MATE. In addition, other desktops are available via APT, Synaptic, or via the Software Manager.

  8. A Flexible and Easier to Customize Desktop the way you like.

    Easier to Customize Desktop, Cinnamon, Xfce and MATE
  9. Linux Mint is Fast (in Boot and Desktop).

  10. Low Hardware Resources consumption : CPU, Memory, HDD space.

  11. Support a Variety of File Systems : ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs, ntfs, linux-swap, btrfs, hfs+, jfs, fat32, lvm2 pv, reiserfs.

  12. Excellent Hardware Support.

  13. Security and Freedom: Implements Mandatory Access Control with AppArmor to enhance security by default. Restricts the default network-facing processes too with a built-in firewall. No fear of virus, worms, trojans, spywares or malwares, and the Antivirus not required.

  14. Office : Comes with a free and Open Source LibreOffice (Base, Calc, Impress, Writer).

    LibreOffice (Base, Calc, Impress, Writer)

    12 More reasons why I use Linux Mint instead of other OS

  15. Better Multimedia Support History: It can provide full out-of-the-box multimedia support. You can also install additional Multimedia codecs via a link on the Mint Welcome Screen after installation.

  16. An environment that support video games.

  17. You can do everything you want on Linux Mint as you could do on Windows or other operating system. So Linux Mint is a better alternative.

  18. Multilingual Linux Operating System.

  19. Easy-To-Use Update Manager: it provides software updates, security updates and kernel updates. You can know what updates actually are, and decide whether to wait or apply them now by selecting them. Also let you know how much bandwidth will consume, your current internet speed and the update progress time.

    Update Manager
  20. Easy-To-Use Software Manager: To install and remove any application you want with one click.

    Linux Mint Software Manager
  21. It’s more stable and easier to fix if something breaks. With a provided LIVE-CD you can access to your files at any time and backup them or fix your issue. Another tip is you can install a different version of running Kernel.

  22. System Snapshots: To restore your computer if it breaks to it’s previous working state.

  23. The Installation is super fast and easy in your desktop PC, Laptops.

  24. Documentation : Consists of a collection of guide, tutorials, helps in PDF/ePUB/HTML available in different languages.

  25. Community: Linux Mint has a great and extended community.

  26. Web Forums : Are the best place to find help and a reply to your questions and issues.

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